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About Phil

This video was created to explain my education
and work history to a group of designers in 2015.

Our Team

Phil Riehl

Visual Designer at McAfee

I am a skilled and accomplished visual designer who concepts, designs and delivers useful, engaging and effective end-to-end digital experiences. During my time in the Intel Experiences Group in CCG, I've created visual assets for user interfaces of software applications, internal promotional materials, illustrated storyboards and edited videos. I've designed and developed websites and I'm well versed in Sharepoint 2010.


I'm fortunate to work with fantastic colleagues
on design and development projects.


"In addition to being a talented designer with a sharp eye for detail, Phil is a resourceful problem-solver and has a tremendous work ethic. Regardless of constraints, he strives to provide the best solution possible, often coming up with multiple options to drive to the best recommendation. He has a keen understanding of UI design and user experience considerations, and works seamlessly on our cross-functional team of Engineering and UX. Phil constantly seeks out new opportunities to learn, whether it be prototyping software, getting his hands dirty in web code, figuring out more effective ways to work with developers, or how to address challenges on our team – he does not shy away from any challenge."

Laura Thelen UX Lead at Intel

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Project Image

Wireless Display

SKills used: UI Design, Website Design, Print

In the effort to increase PC refresh, the Client Computing Group partnered with Actiontec to encourage users to connect their laptops with larger screens, called WiDi. After the interaction designer created the flows and wireframes, I designed the graphics for the interface of WiDi and Pro WiDi, which helped users easily accomplish connectivity tasks.

I designed print materials for our internal deployment trials, along with a WiDi Deployment website that detects the user's operating system and gives them usage instructions.

Project Image

Wireless Docking

SKills used: UI Design, Print

When a user puts their laptop within range of a wireless dock, it connects automatically, eliminating the hassle of plugging and unplugging cords. I participated in the initial planning of this project, along with the UX lead and industrial desiner. The purpose of which was to drive PC refresh.

I designed the icons and regulatory labels on the exterior of the industrial design, desktop and tray icons, on screen display and the interface for the software application.

Project Image

Immersive Gaming

SKills used: UI Design, Print

The purpose for the Immersive Gaming project was to study how users interact with Intel's Realsense camera in order to improve it and integrate it in more tablets and PC's to drive refresh.

I created the illustrations for these storyboards to visually explain the usages of RealSense and influence other companies to work with Intel to further RealSense technology.

Project Image

Wireless Charging

SKills used: Web design, Development in HTML, CSS

It's important for Intel employees to actually use the tech we create, so when wireless charging stations were integrated into the tables of our cafe's, the users needed a place they could go to learn more and ask questions.

Here's an Engadget article that speaks to Intel's wireless charging efforts.

Since I was an admin for Intel's servers, I was able to create a new domain for this site, and after the content was created and interaction flow was established, I layed it out, mocked it up and coded it within a couple weeks. I also implemented Google analytics to track usage.

Project Image

Media Share

SKills used: UI Design

This application uses WiDi to help users share images, video and music easily, with the flick of your finger. Launched in the Microsoft app store in 2015, it took a few months to work out the visual and interaction issues from the first version. Media Share is available for download here.

I gave this app a fresh visual overhaul, helped the team brainstorm and implement refined interactions and participated in user testing to increase its effectiveness as much as possible.

Project Image

Logos and Icons

SKills used: Iconography, Illustration

Designing a logo for companies or internal Intel groups is a fun and exciting challenge for me. I love visually explaining what a group or business is all about using symbols and shapes in a creative way. The solid colors and easy to read shapes of a logo directly relate to creating icons. The ones I've made for Intel always need to be clean, flat and straight forward.

I learned a lot from master logo creator Jeff Pollard, who created the Tiger Woods logo, and I continually accept freelance logo projects to keep my skills sharp.